wydarzenia Rybnik wydarzenia racibórz wydarzenia Wodzisław Śląski

noclegi Rybnik noclegi racibórz noclegi wodzisław śląski

The Western Subregion

The Western Subregion is located in the south-western part of the Silesia Province where three areas of different landscape meet: the lowland, the upland and the basin. We can distinguish here the following geographical lands: Raciborska Basin and Głubczycki High Plain (Silesia Lowland), Rybnicki High Plain (Silesia Upland), Ostrawska Basin and Oświęcimska Basin. The terrain is diffrentiated from 178 m above sea level in Turza near Kuźnia Raciborska in Raciborska Basin to 325 m above sea level (Ramża Mountain) in Rybnicki High Plain, in the river Oder drainage basin and encompasses 1354 km². The population density is 473 people/km².

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